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Good and bad webcasts

There are good and bad webcasts. A good one attracts the right viewers and provides for an upgrade and a positive position of your company, product or service. A bad one is boring, it hardly attracts any viewers, and the ones that will attend , won’t stay long. The worst thing however is that these viewers will capture a negative impression of you.
With a bad webcast, the viewer however has an ever bigger advantage; you can’t see them. This gives them the possibility to do other things. I hereby give you an example of the most common activities;

  • Sleeping
  • Visiting online museums
  • Making dentist appointments
  • Private banking affaires
  • Describing holiday pictures
  • Making a shopping list

As you can see, these aren’t the most exciting things to do, but people will rather occupy themselves with these kind of pursuits, than watch a boring webcast.

For the technology of the webcast, we collaborate with a large variety of providers for you. We will deliver the technology according to your demands and wishes.

Webcasting of your event

Webcasting is a fantastic tool that allows people to visit your event without requiring them to be physically present.
Everyone with internet connection is now able, wherever in the world, to visit your event “as it happens”.
By implementing social media, live Q&A and polls, the customer engagement will increase.

Webcast portal

We have got a white label webcastportal directly available for you, with which we perform a webcast.
Usually the customer prefers to have a portal with his or her own url and design. The standard portal already offers a variety of possibilities:

  • Secured login for your viewers
  • Q&A box where customers can ask questions directly
  • Videos on demand, where viewers can watch the programs at a later time.


We can also use your existing systems like Cisco Web Ex, Microsoft Lync, etc.

Is It Sustainable?

Webcasting is cost efficient, available worldwide and without the need for travel, ( think about the hours of travelling and additional costs ). Moreover, the content is always accessible.
It is multi-functional; all digital formats are possible and each presentation is integrable. All kinds of social media can be used for it. Furthermore, it is easy for your viewers as they only have to login and watch, or play an active roll.
It is sustainable; you can reach the whole planet without causing it any damage.

Virtual Dimension

Many types of Social Media offer the unique possibility to their (virtual) viewers, to be actively involved.
The word virtual is on purpose between brackets, since your visitors can also make use of this possibility. It creates a complete new dimension for all participants, a virtual dimension.
What does this mean for you; you can be directly live and online in conversation with your viewers. You have eliminated a big hurdle for the participant. For example, the use of Twitter is easier than standing up in an audience and asking your question. You will notice a more profitable efficacy because:

  • You will reach new participants online, which you wouldn’t have reached otherwise
  • You will receive more input from your visitors
  • You can keep on broadcasting your program online
  • You will receive statistic information about the behaviour of the online visitor

Multi media tools

Skype is a perfect tool which allows speakers, from whichever part of the world, to be part of your program.

Twitter adds a complete different dimension to your webcast. It requires a good editorial team to integrate Twitter to your online event. In addition, it is a perfect tool to add the pre- and post event.
You can form a Backchannel by using the right input of Twitter. A broadcasting channel of it’s own. If well guided a Backchannel can form an important basis for your upcoming events. In this way, the viewers get the unique opportunity to show their involvement.

Many customers also make use of services such as Chatter, to make the webcast more interactive. This service can also be integrated in the webcasting portal.

Shall we now fill out the content?

So we do have enough tools! But now the content, because the right content, gives you the opportunity to involve your viewer to the way you want. Your online event is to inform, inspire and persuade.
Herewith we can also be of service. In preparation we work according to a set pattern;

  • Target group and goal : For whom do we organise the online event? What is their goal/objective?
  • Design Live Event : Are we doing a panel, talkshow, release or a training?
  • Brainstorming : The creative phase for the design of the event
  • Theme : The theme we use as a vital tool to link the subjects
  • Visuals and Videos : Stronger linked than text and theme
  • Interactivity : All necessary tools and tricks to keep the viewers triggered
  • The performance : The performance consists for 70% out of preparation and for 30% of rehearsal

Do you have more inquiries?

If you would like to read more about online events, please ask for the brochure “everything you always wanted to know about webcasts“, we will send it to you by email.

Specific questions? ask us and we will come with the answer.